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Green Pool Water? Water Chemistry May Not Be The Reason...

Recently, Grand River Pools started servicing a swimming pool for a new pool owner. The attached photo is a picture of what the pool looked like when we first arrived.

Green Pool Water

Obviously, the green pool water is not very inviting and our pool technician took all the appropriate steps to clear up the pool. Within days, the pool was clear and ready to enjoy. But the green pool water didn't stay away for long.

Within another few days, the green water returned. This is particularly unusual, since the water was balanced and water chemistry was adjusted just days prior. Again, the water was tested at an accredited water testing facility. All of the chemical levels were reading ideal, but the pool water was still cloudy and green.

Let the trouble shooting begin! First, we investigated the pump, which was operating effectively and cycling pool water at the appropriate rate. Then, more water testing for phosphates and other chemicals was completed and still everything came back ideal.

Eventually, we determined the filter must be the culprit of the cloudy, green water. Grand River Pools installed a new pool filter and treated the water again.

Hours later, the water had visibly started to clear and within 48 hours the pool was sparkling, crystal clear and blue, and has remained clean and clear.

Upon inspecting the old pool filter, two cracks inside the lateral assembly were discovered. This was probably due to an improper winter closing by the previous pool owner.

Blue pool with new filter

So, if you start to notice sand inside your pool, sediment on the bottom of your pool, or cloudy, green water that won't go away; make sure your water is properly balanced. However, if the problem persists, it may not be your chemistry to blame, and you should focus your attention on your pool filter.

Here is a picture of the same pool, 48 hours later. The chemical levels in this water were the same as when the pool was green. Stay tuned for a discussion about how a filter works and the different types of pool filters available.

If you have any questions regarding your filter, or think your filter might be malfunctioning, feel free to contact us and we can book a no-charge consultation to explore filter replacement options.

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